Wise Installation Studio 7 Review

by Tom
(Dallas, Texas, USA)

Wise Installation Studio 7 Review

We use Wise to install Windows desktop, server and web applications and patches.

Most of us on our team had used InstallShield previously.

So using Wise was kind of a natural fit.

Wise mimmics InstallShield in many ways.

Wise Installation Studio Negatives:

  • The UI is clunky

  • It can be slow

    However, Wise does what it does.

    Meaning, you can easily automate many deployment and install functions.

    Wise is not the greatest tool ever built, but it is also not the worst.

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    Interesting Review of Wise Installation Studio
    by: Taylor

    It is interesting that you think Wise and InstallShield are similar.

    I used both and I usually noticed their differences.

    I would say they are a like in the same way the IDE are similar.

    How many ways can you basically display the same information and functionality...Right?

    I do not know if this has anything to do with it, but InstallShield had taken legal action against Wise in the past for stealing ideas and patent infringement.

    Thank You for your Wise Installation Studio 7 Review
    by: SCMWise

    Thank you Tom for your Wise Install Studio 7 Review.

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