Surround SCM Review

by Jason
(Hemet, CA)

Surround SCM Review

For simply checking code in and out, Surround SCM is an excellent tool.

Unfortunately, the feature set does not run deep and it has many very annoying deficiencies.

The second weakest link is the Surround SCM Integration Provider for Visual Studio.

It is extremely buggy and has resulted in lost code and false check-ins (a file is recorded as being checked in but hasn't.)

The testing for this module is blatantly bad.

The weakest link is Seapine's response to bug reports.

Phone support to help with how to use the product is excellent, but their response to bugs varies from bad to awful.

All to often they deny a bug even exists and sometimes even claim the bug is a feature!

It's still worth looking at and trying out, but if it doesn't do exactly what you want and how you want, it probably never will.

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Thank you for the Surround Review
by: SCMWise

Hi Jason,

Thank you for the Surround SCM Review.

I have heard others complain about Surround's IDE integration, or there lack of IDE integration.

Curious to know if there is enough frustration to cause people to discuss replacing your current tool, or cause developers to circumvent the tool all together?


We will be replacing Surround
by: Jason

We have all but decided that we will be dropping Surround in the next few months.

We just had a meeting today discussing whether we will switch to VisualSVN or Team System.

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