Subversion 1.4 Review

by Isaac
(San Francisco, CA, USA)

Subversion 1.4 Review

Large Multi-National US Corporation
150 to 200 Developers and Testers
Mostly use an Agile methodology for our Software Development Process

We used to use a combination of VSS for Windows and Dimensions for Unix.

The organization hated that we were using multiple tools. The only tool that seemed to be agreeable to everyone was Subversion. Although not everyone was happy origanally.

Performance of the tool really sold the nay-sayers. It was so much faster across our network and vpn.

We do not nearly hear the complaints about the tools we use to from developers.

It is easy to support and administer
Performance is much better than VSS and Dimensions
It works with every possible IDE and development tool our developers use.

None really from an administration and user point of view.
Our management is uncomfortable using open source.

The problem with that stance is we use Ant, Java and other open source that does not seem to bother management....very confusing

We want to upgrade from Subversion 1.4 to SVN 1.6, but it is hard to coordinate a good time to do this with all the different project schedules.

PS. I like the site!


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Subversion 1.4 Review
by: Eric

Hey Isaac,

Do you guys use any add-on products with SVN.

We are thinging of trying Trac and are wondering what others have experienced.


by: Anonymous

We use Trac on top of a couple of our larger SVN repos.

The development teams using Trac love it, especially the Release Managers and Project Managers.

It is not too much more work to administer over Subversion.

I would recommend it.

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