Software Installation Tool Reviews

Install Tool Reviews

Software Installation Tool Reviews is a collection of software packaging tools that are used in installation packaging.

How easy does your install tool integrate into your software build system?

Tell us how intuitive your packaging tool is to use.

Or ask a question or advice on a Installation Tool.

Is there a steep learning curve to becoming proficient with this technology?

Is your tool compatible with all technologies, or are you having to use multiple tools to package your software?

Software Installation Tool Reviews

Software Installation Tool Reviews

Tell us about your software packaging tool!

How easy is your tool to learn?

Do you have to use multiple tools because your tool is not interoperable with all the technologies you currently develop?

We want to learn from your experience.

Read Other's Reviews and Comments

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Dear Sir/Madam, I'm trying to install Swift Subtitling software on my 64bit laptop. However, the installation won't work. I get the following error-message: …

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InstallShield 2010 Review We just recently upgraded to InstallShield 2010. We have used InstallShield for years. It has worked great for us on …

Wise Installation Studio 7 Review 
Wise Installation Studio 7 Review We use Wise to install Windows desktop, server and web applications and patches. Most of us on our team had used …

I want to develop supply chain management in my organization Not rated yet
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Installation Tool Reviews Needed

Visitors often request information and experiences with Install Tools.

Please Share your experiences with Installation and Deployment Tools

We need reviews for these tools:

  • InstallShield Flexera Software
  • Wise Installation Studio Wise Solutions, Inc
  • InstallAnywhere
  • DeployMaster
  • SetupBuilder
  • Desktop Central 7
  • iRise
  • InstallAware for Windows Installer
  • InstallMate 7 Tarma Software Research
  • MSI Studio Script Logic A Quest Software Company
  • Altova
  • Actual Installer Softeza Development
  • Smart Install Maker Installbuilder Company
  • Centurion Setup Gammadyne Corporation
  • Installer VISE MindVision Software
  • Mac OS X

If you have used or supported these tools currently or in the past, please share your experiences, good or bad, or both.

We are always getting requests for more and more Installer and Deployment tool reviews.

This information will help your fellow Software Engineering Professionals.


General Information Wanted from Installer and Deployment Tool Review

Normally visitors want to know the following:

  • Version of the Tool
  • Snapshot of the Environment
  • Number of Users
  • General Description of how the Tool was Used
  • What Worked Well
  • What did not Work
  • Recommendations

It may seem like a lot of information, but this level of detail is a big benefit to our visitors.

Installer and Deployment Tool Reviews and Questions

Please share your Installer and Deployment Tool experiences and reviews!


Read what other think of their Installation and Deployment Tools.

Installation Tool Reviews

Software Configuration Management Tools Table of Contents

Software Configuration Management Tools Software Configuration Management Tools are the tools and utilities used in administering source code, building software, install packaging, defect tracking, change management and managing software configurations.

SCM Tools SCM Tools is a list of the more popularly used Software Configuration Management Tools. The plan is compile an exhaustive list of tools and rate them according to their usability.

SCM Tool Reviews SCM Tool Reviews are a place to read reviews of software configuration management tools. Share your experiences with SCM tools. These reviews can benefits others who are searching for information.

Software Build Tools Software Build Tools is a collection of tools used to create automated software builds. This list is growing and the functionality of the tools is expanding.

Software Build Tool Reviews Software Build Tool Reviews is a place to come read reviews of software build tools. If you script software build tools, please share your experience with others.

Software Installation Tools Software Installation Tools is a collection of Install Packaging tools. These tools are used in simplifying and automating the installation or deployment of the application.

Software Installation Tool Reviews Software Installation Tools is a collection of Install Packaging tools. These tools are used in simplifying and automating the installation or deployment of the application.

Software Tracking Tools Software Tracking Tools are the tools and utilities used in tracking software changes, defects and software development progress.

CruiseControl CruiseControl is an open source tool setup specifically to perform continuous integration software builds. This page is high level overview of CC and its functionality and benefits. Software build tools like CC are an integral part of your Software Configuration Management System.

CruiseControl.Net CruiseControl.Net is an open source tool that facilitates the integration of software builds. This page is an overview of the CC.Net Tool and Process.

InstallShield Installer InstallShield Installer simplifies the process of creating reliable Windows Installers, MSI, packages and InstallScript installers for Window systems. InstallShield is the defacto standard for MSI installations.

Maven Maven is a tool that can now be used for building and managing any Java-based project.

Source Code Evaluation Source Code Evaluation -- In SCM, one of the most commonly asked questions is what SCM source code tools should I use. The answer is, it depends on your evaluation criteria. There are so many variables and considerations that go into the selection process. Now, the evaluation may be slightly different depending on your software development team and management requirements.

Subversion Subversion is the fastest growing SCM Source Control Tool. The goal of the SVN project was to build a source control tool that fixed many CVS limitations.

Subversion Commands Subversion Commands is a list of useful SVN tips and tricks for administering and managing your Subversion repository and application source code.

Team Foundation Server Microsoft's Visual Studio Team System 2008 Team Foundation Server is an integrated collaboration tool server for Visual Studio Team System. It combines software build management, software development process model, team portal, version control, work item tracking, and business intelligence into a unified server. TFS allows better team collaboration in an effort to ensure better quality software.

TFS Commands TFS Commands is a list of useful Team Foundation Server tips and tricks for administering and managing your Team Foundation repository and source code.

TFS Licensing TFS licensing can be very confusing. Even though Microsoft has published much about this topic, many have unanswered questions. This page hopes to answer some of these questions.

Trac Commands Trac Commands - This page is a list of common Trac administration tasks and commands used to administer and support Trac databases.

VSS Commands VSS Commands - This page is a list of common VSS administration tasks and commands used to administer and support Visual SourceSafe, VSS History, VSS Admin Add.

Wise Installer The Wise Installer simplifies application and patch deployments through automation of software packages.

SCMWise Configuration Spec

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