Software Configuration Management Process Interview Question

by Brenda
(Fargo, North Dakota, USA)

Software Configuration Management Process Interview Question

Mostly I like to get the candidate to talk about what they do and have them explain the why.

This usually helps me to know if they understand SCM.

I like to have them explain their SCM Process.

As they are doing this, I like to ask questions to find out if they know why they are performing this process.

For instance, I will ask them to describe the steps in their software builds.

If they tell me they label their code, I will ask to them to describe the reasons they do that.

Another example would be if they talk about creating a new or clean directory structure to build.

I will ask them why they do that.

If they struggle to explain that they do these steps to:

1. Ensure the source code versions for the build labeled to ensure reproducibility.

2. Make sure that they build in a clean work space to ensure that they do not have unknown build dependencies.

I can clearly see they do not understand why they are following the process.

They may be able to do the work, but someone else did the thinking for them.

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I like this approach to interviewing for SCM Job
by: Todd

I like your approach to find out:

1. If they know specific information about the SCM process. Proving they work with it everyday.


2. If they understand the "whys" of what they are doing. So, they can replicate it for themselves.

I will use this myself in the future.

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