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Software Configuration Management FAQ

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SCM Faq Questions

The SCM Faq is a place to ask and discuss topics in and around Software Configuration Management:

  • Software Building
  • Software Configuration Management Best Practices
  • Software Change Management
  • Software Project Management
  • Configuration Management Tools
  • Software Engineering
  • Website Content Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management Tools
  • Configuration Management
  • Software Development Lifecycle
  • Project Management Tools and Software
  • Source Code Management
  • Software Engineering Best Practices
  • Project Management Steps
  • Software Configuration Management Strategies and Trends
  • SCM Tools
  • Software Configuration Management Tool Reviews
  • Version Control Tools and Practices

To see more Software Configuration Management Blog Questions and Answers visit our Software Configuration Management Blog

Sample Software Configuration Management Comment

Software Configuration Management Life Cycle

Nice site!

It's great to have one place to get basic information to pass along to a company just starting on it's Software Configuration Management Life Cycle!

Thanks! Sue

Thank You by: SCMWise

Thank you Sue.

Let us know what specific more information on the SDLC you would like to see on in the future.


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Software Configuration Management Faq

It is a place to read the SCM opinions of others, ask your Software Configuration Management questions, or state your Software Engineering opinions.

Thanks for your feedback, It is greatly appreciate!!!

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About Us SCMWise is about the history this website. I was tired of losing information and documentation. Either written or electronic, I would file it and never be able to find it when I needed it. I came up with a wonderful idea. I should put this information on the Internet where I could always find lame attempt to be funny.

Site Build It Benefits Site Build It Benefits are the primary reasons why SCMWise pages can now be found when doing Searches on Google, Yahoo and Bing. Before Site Build It, none of my pages were ever found by the Search Engines. In addition to being a step by step process to website building success, the process and the tools included are second to none.

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Software Configuration Management Faq Software Configuration Management Faq is page dedicated to answering common SCM questions. Many visitors ask questions and many of these questions are repeated. So, here are the most common asked SCM questions.

SCMWise Blog Software Configuration Management Blog is dedicated to Software Configuration Management. This site is a central repository for the collection of best practices, processes, methodologies and tools that surround SCM.

What is SCMWise Blog What is Software Configuration Management Blog. Software Configuration Management is a software development support and control function

SCM Experts SCM Experts Aug08 - is it possible to consider yourself an SCM expert when you are just coming to understand the value of automated build and deployment processes???

Software Configuration Management Site Map Software Configuration Management is an inventory of Software Configuration Management pages and information found on SCMWise.

SCMWise Software Configuration Management Table of Contents

Software Configuration Management Software Configuration Management an inventory of Software Configuration Management pages and information.

Software Build Build automation is the process of combining all the steps necessary to compile the source code into build artifacts into a one step process. This can include many different types of tasks depending on the technologies involved.

SCM Jobs SCM jobs can be a very challenging and rewarding career. Potential candidates should be able to handle multiple high priority tasks without cracking under the pressure. Must be able to see the big picture while being focused on highly technical tasks and issues.

Software Configuration Management Tools Software Configuration Management Tools are the tools and utilities used in administering source code, building software, install packaging, defect tracking, change management and managing software configurations.

Software Version Control Version Control is a system or tool that captures the changes to a source code file, website or document. Version Control Software is essential to ensuring integrity to your Software Development Life Cycle.

Software Change Management Software Change Management is the process of controlling change to software. It encompasses Software Development Life Cycle and Software Change.

Software Development Life Cycle Software Development Life Cycle is the process in which you encapsulate your software development. Specifically meaning, it is the process and tools you use to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of your software development efforts.

Configuration Management Configuration Management, CM, is a process model established to maintain the consistency and integrity of a system or software product throughout it's lifecycle.

Define Project Management Define Project Management is a body of knowledge concerned with principles, techniques, and tools used in initiating, planning, executing, controlling and completing projects.

Web Content Management Software Web Content Management Software is a list of the top CMS Software and Tools used to create, edit, administrate and publish website content.

Definition of Information Technology Definition of Information Technology attempts to define and clarify the many aspects that surround IT.

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