Software Configuration Management Career Demand

by Sujay

Software Configuration Management Career Demand


I'm working as a Build and Release Engineer in an US based MNC for nearly 3.5 years.

I would like to continue in this role, but I'm worried about my future.

I'm worried that all my skills may not be in demand after say a 10 years of experience and may find it difficult to find a job since companies tend to get the same job done with lesser experienced guy at lesser cost.

So, I wanted to know if there is a demand for skilled and experienced SCM guys and what career path they can choose.

Please e-mail me your much needed valuable reply.

I'm totally confused.

If you can post a blog on this it would help others as well.


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Software Configuration Management Career Demand
by: SCMWise

Hi Sujay,

I understand your concerns. I had very similar concerns when I started working in Software Configuration Management.

I came from a software development role. I was asked to help script our software build process.

I was not happy developing software in an older technology at the time. So, I said yes.

I have been very happy that I took this assignment. I have not had one regret since...other than working a lot of hours...;-)

That was in the mid 1990s.

I have only seen the demand for Software Configuration Management Engineers increase in that time.

Most experts project that Software Engineering is going to increase in demand in the future, not get less.

As long as you are staying on top of the current trends in software.

Making sure you learn the latest tools, you are going to have a role on almost any software development team.

I hope this helps,

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