Perforce 2014.3/1007540

by Susan Kirby

Well I have worked with Tools like VSS,CVS,ClearCase,PVCS,SVN. And when I was presented with Perforce due to a job change, initially I dint like the way Perforce potrayed branching as compared to SVN and ClearCase. But I noticed a lot of similarities w.r.t labelling, VOB/Project etc with ClearCase.

What I like?
Branching isnt complicated and you can branch from a Revision,Label, Latest ChangeList etc
Admin is also easy

What I dont like?
Merging isnt that great. The inhouse Merge diff tool isnt good and I have used Beyond Compare to see the differences better
The Merging experience is too tedious a task until and unless its automated.Too many windows to take care of when Merging.
The Merge tool gives 4 Windows which has Source File, Source File - 1 Revision, Target File and To-be-Merged File.

All in all, I am not used to the tool and like it but it would never ever live upto the way how ClearCase works.

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