Opportunities by Learning SCM

by Ram


As a refresher I have joined our SCM team to support our project. I am learning different tools and processes.

What are the benefits and opportunities from learning and working in SCM and doing software builds?

Can someone make a successful career out of performing software builds and software configuration management duties??

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SCM as a Career
by: Sanjeev

I followed a very similar path. I was asked to join our team that supported builds and SCM Tools.

At first, I thought why would I do that? I was a developer and I did not think that it would lead to any opportunities.

15 years later, I am still working on the SCM Team. I have had many opportunities to leave for other roles including Project Management, Architecture and Development Management roles, but I really enjoy want I do.

First, you are in the middle of all the action. It is fast paced and fun. It can be a little frustrating at times when deadlines are past due and everyone is waiting for you to get your stuff done or trouble shoot a build issue, but I would not go back for a second.

I definitely think you can make a successful career out of a role in Software Configuration Management. Especially if you are able to balance many assignments, highly technical problems and love problem solving and analysis.

Good Luck and have fun!!!!

Thanks Sanjeev
by: Ram

Thank u Sanjeev..:)

Opinion of SCM
by: Sanjeev

I am glad I can be of assistance Ram.

How is the job going so far?

What do you like and what do you not like?

Good SCM advice
by: SCMWise

Hi Ram,

I agree with everything Sanjeev said. I followed an almost identical path into Software Configuration Management.

My plan was to work in SCM for a short time and go back into development, but I got hooked.

I really like SCM work. Obviously, part of SCM is development, writing code and programming, but I also love doing the SCM Tool administration.

Someone else asked of very similar question if you are interested:

Software Configuration Management Career Path

Good Luck and let us know how your experience with SCM goes for you.


SCM Career concerns
by: Prashanth

Hi SCMWise,

I am really happy i found this website, i have been wanting to ask this question related to SCM as a career.

I am working as a senior SCM engineer at a software firm in bangalore, India. This is my third company in my career and i m not able to see my career path correctly. In my career beginning i was forced to work as SCM and i have tried a lot to learn new tools but the SCM career path still bothers me.

Could you please help in telling me which other career paths i can choose for Deveopment/ Mangement.

Thanks in advance

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