Need a Fully Integrated SCM Tool

by Ben
(Chicago, Illinois, USA)

I am looking for a CM tool that can fully integrate with Team Foundation

Server 2010, SVN, Visual Studio 2010, and Delphi 7. I have found several that integrate with VS2010 and SVN, but none that integrate with TFS. Do you know of any CM tools used by other software teams who are using TFS?

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SCM Tool Requirements
by: Sasha

Hi Ben,

Let me know if I am understanding your situation correctly:

1. You are using both the VisualStudio 2010 and Delphi 7 IDEs.

2. You have source code in both TFS and Subversion.

3. I am assuming you are looking for a software tracking tool, like Trac or Bugzilla that integrates with all four technologies.

Is my assumption that CM tool means Change Management?

What do you mean specifically when you say "integrates with", I am trying to understand that exact requirement.

SCM Tool Integration Requirements
by: Ben

You're exactly right. We are talking about a Change Management tool.

We have older systems that we still support which use:
Delphi - development
Subversion - code repository
Mercury Quality Center - bug tracking

Our newer systems use:
Visual Studio 2010 - development
Team Foundation Server 2010 - code repository
Team Foundation Server 2010 - bug tracking

Team Foundation Server 2010 is our ALM tool. We have work items, documentation, schedules, etc in there.

When I say 'integrate' I mean "work together". A CM tool that can "get at" files in these applications. Then control and release the files, as well as automatically version the files, with the necessary permissions in place.

I have already looked into Perforce, AllChange, AccuRev, Numara Footprints, Rational Synergy, and Clear Case. I am struggling to find a tool that will fit into our environment.

Thanks for the help,

Fully Integrated SCM Tools
by: Sasha

Well, I know the IBM suite would do it, but you would need to use ClearCase, ClearQuest and Change...a load of work to setup and to administer.

Another tool I have seen provide this level of control is Serena's ALM tool called Dimensions. If setup correctly, the developers can not make changes to files unless they have been pre-approved. The developers hate it, though.

I have heard that StarTeam can provide this level of control, but I have not supported or administered StarTeam.

TFS 2010
by: Ben

Hey Sasha,

Forgot to add a question in my previous e-mail.

Do you know of any other software teams who are using Team Foundation Server 2010? If so, do they use a Change Management tool? If so, what
is it?


TFS 2010 Support
by: Sasha

I support three development teams that use TFS2010, but none of them use an integrated CM Tool. One of them uses Test Director to manage change, but it is a manual integration.

The other teams use the work item tracking and share point site. It seems very clunky to me...

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