Microsoft Project 2010 Review

by Sunil
(Pune, India)

Microsoft Project 2010 Review

Unless you have a full-time person or possibly a team to architect your setup, maintain and administer Microsoft Project 2010, this tool is unusable.

You will spend all your time trying to figure out the setup and use of this tool.

Quite possibly you would need to use another Project Management tool to plan, install, setup and deploy Microsoft Project.

You will spend no time actually managing your project because of this tools complex installation, tool integration and tool un-usability.

Now some of you may be saying, "Oh come on, it can't be that difficult."

I am not kidding you that with how our company is structured in IT that we have to have seven different IT departments involved:

* IT Architecture

* Networking

* Windows

* Database

* Project Management

* Middleware

* Production Engineering

We are three months into this and we still do not have the tool installed.

It is too painful to even go on with this review...:-(

Obviously, this is somewhat tongue in cheek, but I think you get the picture.

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Project Management Process Problem
by: Julie

I can definitely understand your frustration, but your review of Microsoft Project sounds more like an indictment of your company than of the tool.

I implemented Project myself and I can understand the frustration over the complexity, but your review titled "Project 2010 Installation Review".

I am just trying to be fair to Project.

We use Project and like it. I know the development teams that we support complain about it's complexity of use, but as a Project Manager, I like it.

It gives me the ability to really manage my projects on an individual and task level without constantly having to nag people for status or updates.

Just my perspective,

Rename the Thread
by: SCMWise

Let me know if you want me to rename the thread to Microsoft Project 2010 Installation Review...I am kidding... ;-)

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