Maven Review

by Lee
(Washington DC)

We are starting to use Maven more and more in our company. At first, I did not really like it because it was really just duplicating everything we were already doing in our software builds.

However, the one thing Maven does is it enforces structure and standardization. We have a lot less developers questioning every process and practice. Even though, these are very similar to Maven, they feel less inclined to question it if Maven is doing it...stupid developers...;-)

1. Build Standardization - Every build looks pretty much the same.

2. Automatic Dependency Tracking - It is very easy to see what a project depends on by looking at the POM.

3. Archival Automation and Structure - It is very nice to not have a folder or directory on the build server as the source of truth.

Hinkiness - if that is a word:
1. Another thing the developers have to install

2. Way more people know Ant than Maven and there is a pretty big learning curve for some.

You don't have to use Maven to use the Maven folder structure or Archiva. I have implemented a build using Ant and Ivy (which automatically installs itself) that take advantage of the archival system without having to use maven. I would like to see us standardize on getting our Java projects to use Archiva, but let them use either Maven or ant/Ivy based on whatever is the best solution for them.

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