How to Implement an Agile SDLC

by Rob
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States)

We are attempting to implement Agile into our current Software Development Life Cycle practices and processes.

The large SCM Tools Vendors all claim their tools provide the solution.

However, we have found gaping holes in the tools and processes that seem to hinder rather than facilitate Agile processes.

We use Serena's Dimensions CM and they claim it is one of the fastest integrated ALM solutions on the market.

They state that the tool itself is 60 times faster than ClearCase and 3 times faster than Subversion.

If that is true, I would hate to be using either of them because Dimensions CM is very slow.

That does not even get into the inability of our Developers getting to our source code without prior approvals and reviews.

What training and tools are really delivering Agile results?

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