Build Release Interview Questions

by Abhineet

Build Release Interview Questions


Can you give me a list of what sorts of questions an employer will ask for the post of Build Release Engineer?


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Build Release Engineer Interview Questions
by: S

Hi Abhineet,

This is kind of a tricky question. It really depends on the specifics of the role.

Different companies can have slight variances in these jobs.

However, from the job title, Build Release Engineer, it is probably safe to assume that this role will involve software building and release duties.

So, my best guess is they will ask you questions like the following:

Describe your past experience automating software builds?

What software build technologies you have worked with previously?

Do you have experience automating the software packaging and installations?

Can you describe Release Management roles and responsibilities?

I would also try to find out the specific technologies the company uses. Make sure you can speak intelligently about them.

Also, stress your problem solving abilities. That is always a very important trait in any software engineer.

I hope this helps.

Good Luck,

Build Release Interview Questions
by: Josh

Hi Abhineet,

I think the questions given by SCMWise are good, but I would ask some technical questions.

For instance, I would ask them to code or psuedo code a build that required:

1. Repeatability
2. Reproducibility
3. Trace Ability

I would look for their answer to include the following:

1. Getting Source from a SCM Tool
2. Labeling the Source Code
3. Building in a clean or new directory
4. Creating build logs
5. Creating build artifact Bill of Materials
6. Sending build status emails.

I would do this because I have seen too many candidates interview well, but then have no idea as to how to actually build software properly.


Contact Number Plz
by: Anonymous

Please can u share your phone number.

Build Release Interview Questions
by: Anonymous

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