Bugzilla Review

by Sasha
(Yonkers, New York, USA)

Bugzilla Review

We implemented Bugzilla this Spring.

We had a variety of requirements, but our team really liked that it was successfully used by a wide variety of organizations for software tracking.

This gave our management the needed security to use an open source tool.

We felt Bugzilla provided a powerful and flexible software tracking tool to fit our complex development environment.

Software Tracking Requirements:

  • Improve Application Quality

  • Increase Defect Trace Ability

  • Process Flexibility

  • Increase Rate of Defect Resolution

  • Shorten Time to Resolve Defects

    So far, Bugzilla has met our Requirements.

    The only downside was it took longer than expected to install and configure Bugzilla.

    There was a fair amount of effort to get it up and running in our environment.

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    Thanks for the Bugzilla Review
    by: SCMWise

    Thank you Sasha.

    It still surprises me how many companies are still afraid of Open Source Software.

    Or, that they need very good reasons to use it.

    It is FREE!!!


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