Also, do you have interview horror stories?

by pradeep kavuri

Tell us about any weird interview questions or odd situations that happened during these interviews.

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Software Configuration Management Interview Gone Terribly Wrong
by: Maggie

I have a bad interview story.

We were interviewing for a SCM Software Engineer. We had interviewed at least 20 people and had not found one solid candidate. We were down to our last potential interviewee.

We were half way through the interview with our final candidate. This one showed solid potential. We were giving each other knowing looks that this could be the one...finally!!!

We had asked that each engineer bring in a couple examples of their scripting work. We would then ask a couple of question specific to their example to determine if they had actually produced the example and to gauge their expertise.

Now, I should give you a little background. We worked for a software company that sold a product that many military defense companies and defense departments for different counties used to build their products and weapons.

We had to sign very detailed confidentiality agreements. Including never to reveal company proprietary information or take any company assets. This included employees and any contractors and contract vendors.

Back to the interview, the candidate passed out copies of their scripts and across the top and bottom of the scripts were confidentiality warnings for the company we worked for.

We all looked at each other very confused and I asked the candidate did you work for us previously? They said that they had worked for a contracting company that had done some work for us a couple of years ago.

Now there were a couple of problems. The obvious one was that he was passing our company source code around which is a strict violation of our confidentiality agreement.

But just as bad, or even worse, was the script he was passing off his own were the build scripts which I actually wrote. The candidate had nothing to do with our team or these scripts at the time.

We asked the candidate about this and he told us his company encouraged their employees to take all the source code from all their customers in spite of the agreements they signed with their customers. They would then attempt to sell this information to the customer's competitors. We were all in shock as the candidate was explaining this practice to us.

A very large lawsuit was filed by our company and we won. The contracting company ended up facing criminal changes and eventually went out of business.

This is my SCM Interview horror story.

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